“At the Souks, we believe and value true craftsmanship. We breathe every stitch, every paint stroke, every detail”

- Sandra, founder The Souks


Our India Collection

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Our textile collection from India is imbued with a rich history and craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations. With an abundance of colors, textures, and patterns, these collections reflect the diverse cultural heritages of the country. Each piece tells its own story and embodies the traditional artisanal skills deeply rooted in Indian society.

This collection not only serves as a source of aesthetic admiration and a celebration of India’s rich textile traditions, but also embodies a commitment to sustainability. This collection consists of Kantha items, which are a beautiful example of traditional textile art that repurposes vintage saris into vibrant and soft interior pieces.

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The story behind The Souks

With Morocco as one of my greatest loves, I got my start with The Souks during one of my travels to the vast Atlas Mountain range. The brand stands for a mix of everything that makes this country so unique: a dynamic culture, passion for craftsmanship and richness in precious materials.

The Souks promotes quality of handmade products. By delving deeply into culture and home styling, I’m thoughtfully creating a highly-edited collection consisting of unique design. Every shop item has a vintage feel to it and is one of a kind.

The philosophy of The Souks is about supporting the small entrepreneur. My frequent visits to Morocco help me to build strong, healthy relationships with my local partners.

The Souks continues to grow and flourish, with every new journey we make. Feel welcome to hop on board!

Sandra – founder The Souks