“At the Souks, we believe and value true craftsmanship. We breathe every stitch, every paint stroke, every detail”

- Sandra, founder The Souks

A Highland Haven


“— There is this place. A place where you’re surrounded by the greenest of all green. Filled with moss and pine trees, and the mountains and the sea. 

A place where the sky is almost greyish blue. Where there’s a permanent soft dew, and a silence so quiet you can hear it. A place where a warm sunbeam of autumn light gently hits the babbling brooks. And where the night skies are so dark you’ve never seen a star so bright. A place to find the peace you thought to be long lost. A place that feels secure, a place to call home. We welcome you into the world of our new collection: A Highland Haven.

This collection consists of warm blankets, pillows & bolsters made from 100% pure wool and bouclé. Warm cream coloured woolen rugs. Tableware with waves from the sea, a warm terracotta vase for your autumn branches & white winter flowers and matching bowls for seasonal fruits. Baskets for your groceries, magazines and logs. Tamegroute ceramics and a new pouf that’s sturdy enough to use as a stool.”

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The story behind The Souks

With Morocco as one of my greatest loves, I got my start with The Souks during one of my travels to the vast Atlas Mountain range. The brand stands for a mix of everything that makes this country so unique: a dynamic culture, passion for craftsmanship and richness in precious materials.

The Souks promotes quality of handmade products. By delving deeply into culture and home styling, I’m thoughtfully creating a highly-edited collection consisting of unique design. Every shop item has a vintage feel to it and is one of a kind.

The philosophy of The Souks is about supporting the small entrepreneur. My frequent visits to Morocco help me to build strong, healthy relationships with my local partners.

The Souks continues to grow and flourish, with every new journey we make. Feel welcome to hop on board!

Sandra – founder The Souks