Kilim rugs

The Kilim rug is here to stay. This type of rug is for anyone looking for a sleek rug. The Kilim carpet comes in all kinds of variants: from minimalistic black & white to colourful ones, completely plain or with beautiful, simple graphics. A peaceful base for any interior. The Kilim is originally from the Eastern world, and bears a Turkish name. The Kilim has now made the journey to Morocco, where numerous variants are woven by hand on the looms. The Kilim rug is usually made of wool, and is about 3 cm thick. Practical, and easy to store. Because it is a flat carpet, the Kilim rug is a good option when looking for a rug under the dining table or office chair.

You can't go wrong with a Kilim. A lovely base for every room in the house.

Frequently asked questions

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Are these rugs pre-used?

A large proportion of The Souks’ rugs are vintage. This means that the rugs are pre-loved and have already been used. We have some of our Kilim carpets specially woven for The Souks. For each carpet it is indicated on the site whether it is new or vintage.

Are the rugs cleaned?

Yes! All rugs are cleaned before we send them to you.

How do I clean a Kilim carpet?

You can vacuum a Kilim carpet at home. Do this regularly. Stains can be carefully dabbed out with lukewarm water and possibly some soda or vinegar. If you really want to clean your carpet properly, it is best to have a professional company do it for you. Your carpet cannot go in the washing machine!

I have seen a carpet and want a different / larger size, is that possible?

With some rugs you can, and we will have them specially woven for you. Our own designs can be woven in any size you want. Have you seen something but it is not the right size? Or would you like to have a rug designed by our designer? Then drop us a line!

Are the rugs measured with or without fringes?

We measure the rugs without fringes.

What is the approximate thickness of the rugs?

This varies from carpet to carpet and depends on the material and the manufacturing technique. Let’s say they are about 3 centimetres thick, but this varies from carpet to carpet. After all, it is still handmade ☺

Can I try out a carpet at home?

We understand that you want to see if the carpet of your dreams actually fits in your home and matches your furniture. You can always order a carpet and try it at home. Order the rug via the regular way in the online shop and, if it’s not what you hoped for, you can always return it. After processing in our warehouse, we will refund your money, even for sale carpets.

How do I return a rug to you?

You can return the rug by putting it back in the box you received it in. This may seem like a hassle because of the size of large carpets, but fortunately it’s not that difficult. Our carpets almost always fit in a cardboard box. We recommend that you use the box in which the rug was delivered to ensure that it fits. Keep it until you are sure you will keep it. Deliver your parcel to a PostNL point or another postal provider of your choice.

Our return address is:
Parcel factory
The Souks
Turbineweg 21
2371DV Roelofarendsveen

What does it cost to return a rug?

The cost of a return can be checked with the postal service provider you wish to use to return the parcel. A registered parcel with PostNL will cost around €9 – €15, depending on the weight of your rug.

Will I get my money back?

Once your return has been processed by our warehouse, we will refund the purchase price. This also applies to sale carpets.

Can I see the carpets in real life?

We do not have a physical shop or showroom. However, we regularly organise pop-up shops so you can see carpets in real life. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to be notified of pop-up shops.
Because we understand that you really want to see a rug in person, we refund shipping costs from €250.

Can a rug go under the dining table?

In principle, it can, but it varies per carpet whether it is comfortable. You want to be able to slide forward and backward with your chair, and this does not work as well with a high-pile carpet. The Kilim carpet is therefore the best option, as this type of rug has no pile. Always make sure you have a good subfloor and work with an underlay against slipping and curling.