Whilst a rapidly changing and moving world keeps spinning on and on, this collection is about slowing down. Channeling your inner peace and reflecting that into your interior. Coming home to a much needed calmness, using natural materials and a solid yet rich color palette.

The palette of naturally colored textiles consists of a dark navy like the night sky, a tone setting green like autumn forests, a calming beige, a soothing black, and a for ever cream white. We used 100% wool for this collection -to keep you warm, always- and enriched our designs with terracotta and rattan detailing to add that certain wabi sabi feel into your home.

"The perfection of slowing down"

For this collection, we really wanted to dig deep into what we believe would make the perfect range of essentials. Therefor we designed pure basics like woolen plaids and pillows, straw baskets for accessories, magazines and logs, a range of tamegroute ceramics such as tableware and candle holders, meditation pillows and gorgeous basic kelims in black and cream.

Of course we also added some key pieces such as a signature fluffy rug, a giant floor pillow and some pretty lighting. Last but not least, some items to enrich your capsule wardrobe: a crochet bag in 3 amazing rich colors, a big striped black and white woolen shopper, and a petite pompom bag for the little ones to enjoy.

We’re beyond proud. Enjoy this collection.